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It's Easy to Stop Leaks into Drains

Leaking and messy dumpster areas and wet food compactors pollute Puget Sound and attract rats. Follow these tips to keep these areas clean:

  • Make sure your dumpsters and compactors are leak proof.
  • Never allow any spillage to enter storm drains. If spills happen, clean them up right away with absorbent materials like rags, heavy duty paper towels, or absorbent pads.
  • Provide at least quarterly inspections for leakages.
  • Notify your management early if your compactor is leaking so a replacement can be made soon. Call your garbage hauler for a replacement dumpster.
  • Consider covering your dumpster with a roof, or plumb the drain underneath to the sewer system so the leakage can be carried to the sewer treatment plant.


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