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Soap Pollutes, Consider Alternatives

The Fundraiser Car Wash Program helps community groups meet fundraising goals through an alternative to traditional, time consuming, labor intensive car washes. Groups sell coupons for a basic wash at any participating automatic car wash. These coupons can be sold year-round, make great gifts and the runoff gets treated properly. To get started selling coupons, contact the Program Administrator at 360-697-1144.

Your group or business can purchase a car wash kit to divert the water to the sanitary sewer. These businesses sell car wash kits. Kitsap County does not recommend or endorse these suppliers or their products.

   Bowhead Environmental & Safety, LLC - 1-800-909-3677

   EDN Company - 253-589-4659

   • GeoMat Company - 813-936-7992

Fundraiser car washes can be a great way for youth and community groups to raise money for special events and programs. However, runoff from vehicle washing can harm water quality unintentionally because it often contains detergents, metals and oils that can reach streams and Puget Sound. All soaps are toxic to fish. Kitsap County offers information about vehicle washing and alternatives to traditional parking lot fundraiser car washes. Visit the links on this page to learn more.

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