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Protect Your Investment

Kitsap Public Health can help you get the most life from your septic system.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Inspect systems at least every three years and pump tanks as needed to prevent solids from damaging the drain field.

  • Direct surface and ground water away from the system to prevent flooding.

  • Limit the use of chemicals and garbage disposals. Additive products are not necessary and may harm the system.

  • Prevent physical damage by not driving, parking, building, burning, or pasturing livestock on the drain field.

  • Adding a riser to the septic tank can make it easier to access for pumping and maintenance.



How your septic works










With over 56,000 septic systems in Kitsap County, proper design, installation and regular maintenance is important to protect our water quality and environment. Our Clean Water Partner, Kitsap Public Health District, provides permitting and is a valuable resource.

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