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Greening Your Home Building Project

If you are building a new home, protect your property from flooding with well designed and properly functioning stormwater drainage systems. As you design your new home, consider some of these ideas to better manage stormwater and protect Puget Sound: 

  • Plant areas of native plants.
  • Bring in more topsoil or amend soils where the topsoil was removed or grading occurred to the hardpan.
  • Keep some areas natural—such as with fir trees and salal.
  • Design yard improvements to showcase natural features of the site, such as wetlands, streams, and native trees.
  • Stabilize steep slopes with native plantings, soil amendments, and mulch.
  • Keep streams natural to preserve habitat for local critters, even if they flow only part of the year. 
  • Consider attractive permeable pavers in place of concrete or asphalt walkways and patios.

You will be required to obtain permits for home construction, including stormwater facilities. AcStormwater Worksheet is required when you submit your permit.  You can read more about stormwater requirements for homes here.  

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