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Use the 4Cs

Keeping vehicle oils, grease, garbage, soaps and chemicals out of drains results in a healthier place for your workers and protects Puget Sound. Check out these simple steps you can take at your business.

  • Cover -  outdoor work and storage areas with a simple roof or tarp
  • Capture -  fluids with a drip pan before they run to the drain
  • Clean - up spills, have a spill kit handy and know how to use it
  • Contain -  stored fluids so if they spill or leak, there is a berm or some sort of barrier

 Receive a free laminated poster to remind your workers of these basics. Contact Kitsap 1: 360.337.5777.

Washing Cars or Trucks at Your Business?

Explore your options for proper fleet or customer vehicle washing – for businesses located in unincorporated Kitsap County contact Kitsap 1: 360.337.5777 for a technical assistance visit from stormwater staff.





Spills and Containment


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