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Your Service Group Can Help

The Adopt a Spot Program is more than just roadside litter; you can adopt your local beach, stream, public trail, or your street. The program provides the safety equipment and disposal – we just need you to cover some ground!  Litter and debris negatively affect the scenic qualities we enjoy on the Kitsap Peninsula and clog stormwater systems. Litter also can carry pollutants into
waterways and its impact on marine life can be devastating.

  • Do your part—help to clean up trash you find in parks, along beaches and trails, and in other open space areas.
  • Report illegal dumping on public properties.
  • Volunteer to help Kitsap County's Adopt a Spot program or Washington State Department of Transportation’s Adopt-a-Highway program. Taking time to do your part to clean up our community can be a rewarding experience. Kitsap County residents and service groups have cleaned up thousands of pounds of litter from Kitsap County’s roads, streams, beaches, and parks through the Adopt a Spot program.
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