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Dump Your Waste Smartly

If you take your business on the road—traveling to clients to provide carpet cleaning, pressure washing, or painting services—be sure to handle your wash water in a way that protects Puget Sound. Click on your type of business below for some helpful tips:

   • Carpet Cleaners

   • Pressure Washers​

   • Painters

​​Even if you use green products, wash water can still be hazardous to Puget Sound and should not go down the storm drain. "Green" usually means the products are safe for human health. However, once products are used, they become "waste" that is harmful to fish and other wildlife in Puget Sound.

Contact Kitsap County Public Works for more guidance at Kitsap 1: 360.337.5777


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Kitsap County Public Works Stormwater Division Kitsap Public Health District Kitsap Conservation District WSU Kitsap Extension Kitsap Public Utility District